Order John Carey & Friends Today!

I am absolutely delighted to announce the release of a brand new hardbound book called John Carey and Friends!!!

It’s been 2 years since my last book was published and I’m so excited about the work contained in this new volume. It’s absolutely packed out with over 80 items, 27 from me in both text and video format and the rest is devoted to some truly exceptional work from my very talented friends around the world!

It’s an eclectic mixture of card, mental, coin and non card material that I just know you will love. Here’s a list of the contributors!

John Guastaferro, Cameron Francis, Gary Plants, Raj Madhok, Justin Higham, Jack Tighe, Wayne Goodman, Jack Goldstein, Scott Baird, Steve Reynolds, PigCake, Andrew Paul Smith, Sean Devine, Phill Smith, Nikola Arkane, George McBride, Mike Breggar, Myles Thornton, Rick Holcombe, Robert Costley.

Here’s a few video performances from the book. Enjoy and thank you so much for your support!!!

The image above is a digital visual of the book, minor differences will exist between this image and the final print copy. Click below to see the full table of contents (it’s a beast!)

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