I have been interested in magic for about 35 years. I wasted the first 8 years of my life. I truly love all forms of magic, but sleight of hand with regular ungaffed objects is closest to my heart.
I truly love working on card and coin problems and try to find ways to streamline the handling's without diluting the impact of the effect.

Practicality is a key word with my work. I no longer have time for effects that involve long set ups and dead time. Audience attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Material that is direct, visual and interactive are my goals. Confusion isn't magic as Vernon once said.

I had a great teacher and friend, the late Kevin Reay who taught me to respect our craft. He would take me through the classic texts and work on one item at a time until he gave me his approval. I will never forget how patient, friendly and inspirational he was.

Respect our craft and it will pay you back tenfold.